4th Man Out
4th Man Out
| 26 May 2015 (USA)
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After a night of drinking, Adam Hutcherson stumbles out of the closet to his three straight buddies. A disruption to their dynamic which they now must try and overcome through alcohol, Tinder dates and forgiveness.

Perry Kate

Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!

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Janae Milner

Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.

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Casey Duggan

It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny

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Michael Ledo

Adam (Evan Todd) is a single mechanic in Albany, NY. As he turns 24 he decides to come out, first to his three drinking buddies, then to his family. They go through the initial shock, but after they figure out it wasn't the Taylor Swift concert, they decide to be supportive, going that extra mile to make him feel accepted.Adam does not display the stereotypical "gayness," but other characters in the film do. If anything the film blasts through many of the false notions Hollywood and society have about gay people in an entertaining drama/comedy.Guide: F-words. Near sex. No nudity. Jordan Lane Price bra/panties.

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This film tells the story of a young man who works as a car mechanic in a blue collar town. He is gay but no one even suspects, hence people are shocked when he finally finds the courage to come out. Fortunately, his friends and family remain supportive of him.The nice thing about "4th Man Out" is that it is real. The characters and their experiences are real life like. They are ordinary people who faces ordinary things. People can easily relate to the story. There are a lot of funny moments too, and they can also be related to be the viewers, such as Bradstar. I enjoyed watching this film a lot. It is very sweet.

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Joe Day

Here we go again. The overriding question for anyone straight watching this film is why the hell is this guy gay? Why so much angst to get the audience to accept this hunk of beefcake for only other men? Sure, he is a mechanic and loves sports and all - a real guy - but .....You have the posse who are all macho bluster but hey, lets' show our bud how much we care so let's go to a gay bar and have an absolute balll!!!!! Lets hook up to gay dating sites and get our pal a man!!!!! Lets get drunk and almost make out!!!!! Lets APOLOGIZE and then kiss just to see if we both like each other or not!!!! Hey, who knows, we might ALL be gay!!!!! Worth a shot.....Meanwhile, this, and all the spate of films like it, continue to illustrate that homosexuality is a problem for all involved. And seriously, this guy is supposed to be 24? In this day and age? And still act so innocent? And the whole religion thing which was kind of laughed off - as usual. Complete with priest.I suppose the worst part of this little slice of propaganda is that this is the kind of guy who we are to imagine "marries" the Prius guy and they have a couple of "kids" so that grandma can be happy and the kid will have lots and lots of uncle role models. Yippee. Hmm, I wonder why the guy has TWO kayaks already?Whenever I see guys like this I always wonder what they mean when they say they "need a man." Judging from the type of guy this "kid" lit up for, he seems to have daddy issues to me. In short, if he is lucky, those he knows will kind of go along but there will always be that undercurrent that is homosexuality and only Adam will be able to find peace with that internally, not externally. In other words, so long as he stakes his happiness on "gay love", it will be hollow. It always is.Moral: accept homosexuality or be thought of as a hateful bigot.

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4th Man Out (2015) or Fourth Man Out (original title) is a film directed by Andrew Nackman. The four men are blue collar guys who have been friends since high school. They hang out in bars and strip clubs, play poker together, and have girlfriends whom they might just marry some day.That's all pretty standard, until one of them tells them that he's gay. The other three guys don't know how to act, what to say, and what not to say. That's the premise of the film-- you've known this guy all your life, and suddenly, he's not exactly the same guy you knew. Coming out stories are never simple--in real life or in movies. Coming out to your parents is one thing. Coming out to three guys who don't hang out with gays is another matter again.The film really worked for me, because I thought that the reactions of the three friends were realistic. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. The three sit around saying, "He's our friend, he's still the same guy. No, he isn't."There some overwrought moments, and my wife thought that the denouement of one of the sub-plots at the end of the movie was unbelievable. However, we both liked this film, and we think it will appeal to straights as well as to gays.We saw this film on the large screen at ImageOut, the very successful Rochester LGBTQ Film Festival. It will work very well on the small screen also.

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