A Home at the End of the World
A Home at the End of the World
R | 23 July 2004 (USA)
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Three friends form a bond over the year, Johnathan is gay, Clare is straight and Bobby is neither, instead he loves the people he loves. As their lives go on there is tension and tears which culminate in a strong yet fragile friendship between the three.


Such a frustrating disappointment

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One of my all time favorites.

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Best movie ever!

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It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional

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So often, the awards go to the feel-good or dramatic movies with the classic themes of boy meets girl, boy wins girl or murderer is caught. When the subject is way different, and there are some twists and turns Mr. Common Man isn't ready for, the movie is often over looked.I loved the acting in this movie, as well as the writing. The interrelations of these 3 is wonderful to watch, but you are not surprised at the outcome. I really don't know if ANYONE can handle a menage a trois for their entire lives. This movie could not have been made, or it would have had an entirely different effect 30 years ago. Spoiler" We all know what the purple bruise is, and know that the kid will be dead soon, since the time placement is way before they come out with AIDS cocktails to turn a death sentence into a chronic situation.We know how the movie will end as soon as we see the purple bruise. And the fact that the kid is sticking it out makes us have a lot of faith in him. Even though we know that HE probably will have sex with his buddy and also go down, since they didn't know it was catching then.The beautiful scenes at the farm, the ceremony of the two young men dumping the ashes of one's father are quite tender. It's a very innocent film and beautiful in the love they have for one another. You can't help but think that yes, the mother WILL return with Rebecca knowing the love that awaits her there.The message that love can exist among many people, and the idea that non-conniving love is possible makes this a great little movie.

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A Home at the End of the World (2004)This is such an idealistic and yet realistic tale, set in real places, with real joys and tragedies, it will certainly get under your skin. I can see that some might find it maudlin, or there might be a sense of playing loose with the rules, but for me there are no rules when it comes to being as good as you can be, and there is a long distance from deeply felt to maudlin. This is deeply felt.And very well acted and written. All of the principles are disarming at times, they are so convincing. And it really is a big beautiful world when you do your best to make the most of it. Don't miss this one, and keep an open mind. It grows as it goes, and the earlier fragments gel and the story streamlines and solidifies, but it really needs those earlier pieces to give it depth, and to set it in time.

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This is a rare and amazing example of how beautiful, courageous film storytelling can be used to touch people to say things that really make us think, really make us feel. These characters are totally captivating. The dialogue is genuinely unique. Nothing about this film is pat or predictable. I thought Colin Farrell was very good in both The New World and Pride and Glory (great films), but I developed an idea of what he is like, what he is capable of as an actor. His performance in this film showed me that he may be capable of ANYTHING. I was shocked that he could play this character and so wonderfully - totally amazing. I am won over.

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This movie disturbed me. The relationship with these two guys was dangerous and heart wrenching.The gay guy truly loved this other guy. But Colin used him and teased him when he wanted too.Then when they finally grow up and they move in together. Colin starts up with using him and teasing him - you know with the dancing and kissing and touching - something the gay man wanted from Colin for the longest time - then what does Colin do - fall in love with the weired fag hag they are living with. Then Colin does the unthinkable and sleeps with said fag hag - just as the gay man is coming home. Brilliant. Well of course the end result of the movie turned out exactly the way I thought it would. I'm not going to tell you here - but. At the end - I said out loud - so everyone could hear me - I said "Typical". And I got a lot of head nods and "MM-MMHM's" from the other movie goers.Typical ending, just like all of the other gay themed movies I have seen. The gay person is either beat to death, dies of a disease - or winds up alone, like always.

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