Alex Strangelove
Alex Strangelove
| 16 April 2018 (USA)
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Alex Truelove is on a quest to lose his virginity, an event eagerly awaited by his patient girlfriend and cheered on with welcome advice by his rowdy friends. But Alex, a super gregarious dude, is oddly unmotivated. A magical house party throws Alex into the presence of Elliot, a hunky college guy, who pegs Alex as gay and flirts hard. Alex is taken aback but after a series of setbacks on the girlfriend front he takes the plunge and learns some interesting new facts about himself.


Absolutely the worst movie.

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if their story seems completely bonkers, almost like a feverish work of fiction, you ain't heard nothing yet.

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Rio Hayward

All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.

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The movie really just wants to entertain people.

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I say that because it's unavoidable: this is white bread bland. But it's done fairly well for what it is.It's honest and upfront about what we should expect: the main character talks to us, comments on his life, where it's going etc.People are right to say this is like modern John Hughes movie. Which, I hasten to add, were pretty much consider s**t when they came out except for their target audience: pre-teens and young teens. This film is for that same demographic.So I get why some people are really unhappy with it. No, of course it's not realistic. It's entertainment. And some of the entertainment is good, if stereotypical.If you been observing gay cinema as it evolved post-Stonewall--as I have and yes, I'm that old-you're more likely to give this a pass because IT IS equivalent to a John Hughes movie. Which, I will say again, adults considered s**t at the time. I think these serve the same purpose for the gay community as Hughes' movies did for straight kids in the '80s. Why shouldn't our kids get white bread formulaic rom coms too? We should. This is one, and for what it is, it's fine.

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OK, so now I will get uber-flamed for daring not to fall head over heals with a film just because it is gay themed. If it were about a teenager a girlfriend who was still a virgin and conflicted about having sex with her but was determined to consummate simply because of peer pressure -- a totally real and believable scenario -- but then he realized he feels a much more powerful sexual attraction to another girl, THEN we could judge the film solely on its romantic-comedy merits. But here, because the gay conflict is throw in, everyone goes gaga over it and objectivity seems to be flying out the window. We (both straight and gay in our party) found it unfunny -- one of the most damning problems with a romantic comedy and especially our gay contingent said Alex, the closeted gay lad, was simply too clueless to be even marginally real. The pain in discovering one's alternative sexuality is almost always acute, never as benign as it is portrayed here, with the angst totally muted in the service of bad comedy. The inane banter between other characters is the kind written by 40 somethings who think they know how teens converse; here it is so absurd that it becomes annoying and distracting. The actors do an adequate job, actually they are quite good and will go on to do much better things, but the talent is mostly wasted here because the screenplay was unbelievable to all in our party -- straight, but actually the gay folks were more vocally unhappy with it. See it if you must, but don't think it will be in any real way enlightening as to the trauma that coming almost always is in a young person's life. And aside from the fact that it purports to be uplifting for gay teens, i.e., give gay youngsters a positive and uplifting insight into what's in store for them when they are confronted with this particular milestone in their young lives, most closeted gay teens will look at this and find nothing to relate to or to give them the encouragement needed to take that monumental step. Trying to make a farce about coming out is as difficult as trying to make a farce about the death of a teen's parent. Sure, perhaps SOME director out there could possibly do it; this director couldn't, and like any joke that no one laughs at, in the end it, is better if the joke weren't told at all.

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First of all, it's pretty cool to see a lgbtq movie produced by such an influential, widely used platform. I think this is a good movie for teens questioning their sexuality, as it shows the complexities encountered when entering such territory. Sure, it could have gone deeper, but I see it as a coming out version of other traditional, popular high school romance movies. We need light-hearted, touching, funny, and sometimes awkward movies about queer teen love.

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Really lovely, heartwarming movie. Thought the acting was great and really enjoyed it.

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