Diminished Capacity
Diminished Capacity
NR | 04 July 2008 (USA)
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A Chicago journalist suffering from memory loss takes leaves from his job and returns to his rural hometown, where he bonds with his Alzheimer's impaired uncle Rollie and his old flame.


That was an excellent one.

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Excellent adaptation.

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Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.

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if their story seems completely bonkers, almost like a feverish work of fiction, you ain't heard nothing yet.

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Cooper (Matthew Broderick) is a newspaper editor having memory problems after suffering a concussion. He is forced to go on leave, and he goes back home. His mother wants to put his uncle Rollie (Alan Alda) into assisted living. Irratic Rollie is having mental problems of his own, but he has a rare baseball card. Hoping to stay independent, Rollie goes to memorabilia convention to sell his card with the help of Cooper, Cooper's ex Charlotte (Virginia Madsen) and her son.I didn't much like either Broderick or Alda's character. They aren't very funny. Uncle Rollie is very angry. They're trying for quirky and funny. I wonder if quirky and dark would make more sense. This never got funny. And the ridiculous slapstick in the end of them fighting for the card is downright stupid. When the card is so valuable and Rollie is treating it like a pawn shop reject, it's just too frustrating and too painful to watch.

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Good watchable indy movie in the vein of "Little Miss Sunshine". Liked the ensemble of quirky characters with their mental and other problems. Alan Alda is quite good as the elderly man with Diminished Capacity with a valuable baseball card to sell. His mental problems aren't overdone. His nephew trying to help is played by the quite well cast Matthew Broderick though he is a bit puffy looking. Virginia Madsen looks quite pretty with her lovely face. She is a bit broad in the mid section. Bobby Cannavale is quite good in his intense over the top role. It's not one to watch more than once like Sunshine or Sideways, but it's worth one watch.

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This film is about a journalist with post concussion syndrome and his demented uncle on road trip to sell a precious baseball card."Diminished Capacity" is surprisingly engaging. The plot is well written, even tiny details are attended to. It has that special charm to engage viewers. The characters are all likable and authentic, and I really care about them. Alan Alda is amazingly convincing as a demented person. Little by little, his dementia is portrayed beautifully, from the burnt bacon to misplacing the card. One annoyingly implausible thing though, is why would no one help in the fight at the end. That dampens the credibility of the plot, but on the whole it is well written and executed.

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I saw this film last night and I really enjoyed it. It showcased some human elements that have been forgotten by Hollywood. Sense of family, memories and bonds that are easily dismissed in today's world. Wonderful performances by the whole cast, especially Alan Alda and Matthew Broderick. Two comedic legends, but what touched me was the compassion that both their characters showed for each other. It was a comedy but personally, I found the sweetness more compelling than the comedy. I would recommend it for people who prefer dialogue and listening to the characters to the standard big noise movies that seem to dominate the film world.

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