Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly
Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly
PG | 09 July 1994 (USA)
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Jaga Bada, Mr. Satan's old sparring partner, has invited Satan to his personal island to hold a grudge match. Trunks and Goten decide to come for the adventure and Android #18 is following Satan for the money he owes her. Little do they know that Jaga Bada's scientist have found a way to resurrect Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan.


I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.

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Hayden Kane

There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes

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This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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Eric Stevenson

I had heard some bad things about this movie and it was about as bad as I thought it would be. This movie features Broly returning a second time and he's even dumber than the last time. All he said was "Kakarot" in the last movie and now he doesn't even talk at all. When he first emerges from his tank, he appears normal. Then a few shots later, we see that he turned into this goop monster. Wait, we just saw a scene with him earlier where he looked completely different. What?! The previous movie suffered from the main characters not appearing and they repeat their mistakes! Okay, Goku does technically appear in this movie, but it's in the last few minutes with even less screen time than the last time! It even ends with him saying he's going off to fight Broly. Why couldn't they have made the whole movie about that? It would have made more sense that way. Vegeta isn't here at all again or Piccolo or Gohan. I guess they were trying to give the spotlight to the other characters, but it just doesn't work. For the longest time, people thought this was the worst "Dragonball" movie period. Boy, were we wrong with "Dragonball: Evolution". **

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For the record, I watched this subtitled. I typically cannot stand dubbing, save for the trio of films I owned on VHS as a young lad (Lord Slug, Cooler's Revenge/Return, each helped by a more unique American score, IMO). I switched it to dub for just a moment to see the difference, and well suffice to say it's simply not the same film.A rich egotistical "villain," an island fortress getaway a la Bond complete with army of mad scientists and bio-henchmen, a refreshingly mute Broli who for once doesn't pout on about crying Kakarot (WTF was ever up with that? Way to kill off the "Legendary Super Saiyan's" potential as anything but annoying, IMO), a killer absorbing Blob, unique cast of "heroes" who rarely if ever get to shine, a Battle Royale, human greed, extortion (of sorts, 18's repeated upping of price), and original finish to a film's villain (i.e., no ki beams or willfully spontaneous bursts of super-power here.) For me, each of these factors in to what I find to be the most underrated (quite literally, as per IMDb score) DBZ film. This has been my short review: feel free to stop here (if anyone reads this at all) as the rest is just more in-depth and my inability to stop/love for writing.This is certainly one strange beast within the DBZ films, and only one of two movies I hadn't seen for some reason (Bojack being the other). Interestingly I found all the reviews relevant as it's apparent personal opinion plays a large factor. The film seems shorter than most, but I found this to work to it's advantage (short n' sweet as they say). The film largely removes Broli's demeanor or personality, but he never really had one to begin with. He's never really been entirely there to say the least, and really just relegates to pure, unintelligible evil/brute force. At least here he is treated with such, with literally one line of "Kakarot" as he dies - much better than the hundred fold repetitions of such incurred during his "Second Coming." I can see how this film would rank low among hardcore Broli fans, as has been said, but I admittedly am not. I enjoyed the first film, but it was over-hyped for me, even at the time of its release (the only DVD I actually bought, due to Broli's hype-in at the time), but "Second Coming" is my least favorite of the DBZ films (though I enjoyed the Goku/Gohan/Goten combo finale, which was much better than Goku's sudden ability to KO the UNTOUCHABLE Broli in his first film).This film is an amalgamation of World's Strongest (Biowarriors/mad science), the Blob (or The Raft, if you'd rather), and the Broli films, all thrown into the World Games era of DBZ. It is the only DBZ film to feature a recurring villain for round 3. It is one of the few DBZ films to not end with the not lame in itself, but lame in severe repetition, "get tremendous power/energy from out of nowhere and utterly destroy villain bit" And it sports one of, if not the most unique cast of leads/characters, giving hitherto unacknowledged/under(improperly) used characters a time to shine/do something. Krillin actually does something other than a)charge villain in straight line, b) get smacked by said villain, and c)lament "Why does this only happen to me?" Even Mr. Satan does something, and with Android 18 (so refreshing to see her), his usual annoyance is undercut because she's about the only character who openly defies his B.S about being World Champ.My favorite "Broli" film, and one of my favorite DBZ movies (ranking up there with Return of Cooler, Battle of Gods, World's Strongest, and Fusion Reborn). 9/10 on a DBZ movie scale, FOR ME.

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You guessed it, Broly's back..again. This really over did the character and I have to say the greatest flaw of this movie has got to be Broly. He has not a single worthwhile bit of dialogue, and he looks terrible. He spends 99.9% of the film covered in sh*t, which was just a bad idea on paper. How did it get to the screen? And where as I am pleased that the beautiful Android 18 finally gets a role in a DBZ movie, Piccolo, Vegeta, hell even Gohan don't appear at all in this one. WTF? Once more the majority OF the story's weight is on the shoulders of Trunks and Goten. I prefer them in this movie compared to the previous, actually fighting back and all. The fight scenes are in general good, although almost negated due to our raw sewage covered villain.the score is nothing special, you'll probably want to stick to the Japanese music in glorious 5.1 audio. Along with all the former problems , the climax is pretty lackluster in my opinion and it all comes together as a pretty dismal installment.

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The worst of all Broly films......the fights were completely boring...and the way that Broly died was a waste of my time (allergic to water...really?) They shouldn't have even tried to make a film if they weren't going to make a sensible plot. Not to mention that they used some of the most boring characters of Dragon Ball Z.......Trunks, Hercules, Goten, and 18....and 18 gets whupped pretty easily.......don't even bother watching this one.....watch the second one...and leave it at that....the first two were amazing...the first one had an epic fight with an amazing metal soundtrack that really glued together well, the second one was a really fun movie, that was goofy, but still had a memorable ending. This one....it's boring (even though it's the shortest of them all), and I really feel like they've made Broly the most pathetic villain because of this....DON'T WATCH IT!!

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