Eastern Promises
Eastern Promises
R | 14 September 2007 (USA)
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A Russian teenager, living in London, dies during childbirth but leaves clues to a midwife in her journal, that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.


Memorable, crazy movie

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For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!

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In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

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At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.

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I had not even heard of this film. I do not know why, it's right up my alley in taste of film genre. This film, if I may state to the writers, producers, directors, cast, and all elements of bringing this surprisingly fantastic film together, as a viewer, PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL. I want more. It's May 2018, & I have just now viewed this film. This film will be timeless. It will hold together seamlessly as time passes as it is very relevant to what society views the underworld to be. I have read on various film buff websites the sequel, Eastern Promises 2, to be called Body Cross was to begin filming in March of 2017. I was crushed when I read a report the director stopped the production and announced there will be no sequel. This sequel must be made. There is so much about this story to be revealed. It is my opinion as an avid movie viewer, this film is worthy of many sequels and future prequels. I am currently inviting all of my friends through my social media accounts to view this film. Please trust me when I say, produce the sequel to this film. I didn't even know the film existed & I do not know how this one slipped past me. This is the only reason I say it is a surprisingly fantastic dark horse. I didn't see it coming. But I will western promise you this, if you choose to franchise this film, I will pay full price to view your films in the theater and I will be purchasing the digital stream editions for my continued enjoyment at home. This is truly a film I can view over & again. I need more. The story needs to be told. I desperately want to own the set of films you can make from this blockbuster. For what it's worth, I am after all your audience, am I not? Coffee cups, T-shirts, Magnets, decorating my vehicle, my fridge, and flaunting my coffe mug with my film buff best friends. You have a pot of gold here, don't bogart the pot man.

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Muhammed Ozturk

In general great plot and acting. I was expecting some bad pronunciation but Morrison exceeded all expectations. He shows what kind of great acting skills he has in this movie and the feeling for life in the Russian underground world. I think that the social and cultural element of the Russians is portrayed really good and the very clear contradiction between the two worlds of Anna and Nicolai. However, the movie is going into detail on some elements in the beginning while it lacks the real emotions of the main characters. Why did Nicolai join the cops? Why is Kirill so aggressive about his dad (something happened in the past) What did he find in Nicolai that attractive.. is there an emotional connection? (there is a hint about him being gay). I liked the movie for the 90 minutes that it fed me, but I've loved to get a lot more details and a better ending. It felt like they just cut it off in the end.

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This is a very gritty, authentic Russian mob story with a relatively simple plot that works because of the brilliant performances. Throughout the film you're sucked into the very seductive world of the mob, where loyalty and love are as much in evidence as murderous psychosis. I recommend you don't read too much about the plot before you see it. It's interesting to contrast this very British production with John Wick, which is also set amongst the Russian Mafia, but in that case in America. This is a much grimier, less glamorous view of what that world might be like. Viggo Mortensen entirely steals this film with a superbly controlled menace which lurks behind his impassive facade. Not many actors would be willing to do a nude fight scene of such raw violence as occurs in this movie. But then not many could play a tattoo-covered naked Russian hit man fighting for his life in a bathhouse and get away with it as brilliantly as Viggo does. Highly recommended.

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This is one of the greatest UK produced movies. UK movie industry is and will always be thousands of times more entertaining than Hollywood's crap.In this movie for instance.. the plots are simultaneous and unpredictive. Hollywood's scenes are too predictive and we even know what the actors will say before they say it.In the case of Eastern Promises, the acting is beautiful. Viggo's Russian is fantastic and I made believe he was actually Russian, until I checked out that he's originally Norwegian.The whole setting of the Russian family with their foot struck in London's underbelly is fascinating; especially the wickedness of Viggo's undercover role.Viggo is one of the most talented actors of this age. Every movie he is in, he does a marvelous job in acting it out; unlike brad pitt for instance.. every movie i see brad pitt not the character he's portraying... not to mention the stupidity of his roles.Nevertheless, UK movie industry is producing spectacular films and I feel very entertained watching each and everyone of them.

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