Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
| 01 January 2006 (USA)
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How far would you go to get the person of your dreams? With the help of Gwen and Tiffani, Kyle pretends to be heterosexual in order to land Troy, the new guy (and nude model) who's turning the heads of both men and women. He soon finds himself joining the campus ex-gay support group and nabbing a girlfriend! Kyle's ex-boyfriend Marc is horrified at the plan and decides to pursue the confused Troy with his own tactic -- being his "out" gay self. Who will win Troy first?


Best movie of this year hands down!

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It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.

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Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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This movie really pleasantly surprised me. I expected that its sole redeeming feature would be the eye candy, as was the case with the original. But it was well written, capably directed, and Verraros, Hand, and Kochan gave good, hysterically funny performances. I wouldn't have guessed the latter two had any talent based on Eating Out, but it seems that was all Q. Allan Brocka's doing rather than the fault of the actresses. Working with Bartell's words and direction they're a delight to watch. Brett Chuckerman isn't quite as charismatic as Ryan Carnes was in the same role, but he does a good job. And Marco Dapper... is very, very good looking. (Hey, just because it turned out to be a good movie doesn't mean they forgot the eye candy...) I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, sexy movie to spend some time with.

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Kyle (Jim Verraros) understandably falls in love with nude model Troy (Marco Dapper). However Troy is ashamed of past gay experiences he had and wants to be str8. So Kyle pretends HE'S str8 and used to be gay to lure Troy into bed. Meanwhile Kyle's ex Marc (Brett Chukerman) finds this out and now HE wants to get Troy into bed...OK--I HATED the original "Eating Out". It was boring, stupid, unfunny and kept teasing the audience that we were gonna see some hot man on man action--but we never did. The acting was dreadful too. As you can see the plot of this one is ridiculous too--but this movie is so entertaining who cares? It moves quickly (it's only 80 minutes), looks great and is much funnier than the original. Also we see plenty of hot guy on guy kissing, gay sex (not explicit) and frontal nudity on Dapper and Chukerman (both of who are very handsome with great bodies).The acting is (for the most part) good. Verraros (the only holdover from the original) is a little bit TOO nerdy and needy--but he tones down his performance as the film progresses and actually is very affecting by the end. Dapper is unbelievably handsome with a great body and--surprisingly--is a very good actor. I was impressed with how talented he was--he perfectly shows his characters confusion. Chukerman is even better as Marc. A very easy-going, relaxed and believable performance. All the other actors are OK--the story basically centers on these three guys.This is no great milestone in gay cinema but it was fun, breezy and entertaining. Also the casual frontal nudity and gay kissing just made it better. Worth catching--especially for a gay audience. An 8.

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P. a. i. n. f. u. l.Absurd, insultingly banal sex farce that attempts to make some obvious statement about reformed gays but the screenwriters and director are too superficial to accomplish this simple a task. The film is chock full of character with names like "Marc's Trick," "Hot Shirtless Guy" and "Hot Clothed Guy" - I'd rather receive a hot glue enema than sit through this a second time, but this film does raise so many questions: Why do people see movies like this when there are so many quality films out right now? After watching this, do people immediately rush home to take a shower? Will any of these actors ever work again? What can we, as a civilization, do to stop Phillip J. Bartell from directing another film?

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I saw this film at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this week and I totally loved it!!!!! Even more than the first. If you are ready for a Cliché, stereotypical, and yet totally hot and fun gay comedy then sign yourself up for Sloppy seconds. This sequel is very much that, all the while pushing the envelope so much further than the first chapter, Eating Out . Be warned this time its full of much more shocking and crazy situations, yet guaranteed more laughs than the first, so in fewer words if you liked the first you will love this one even more. On an exciting note this is the first ever American gay movie sequel. If you remember in part one Kyle convinces his straight roommate to pretend to be gay to get the girl he was attracted to. Well in this journey Kyle is the one who is pretending, in order to get the surprisingly hot, model Troy. Kyle fell in love or should I say lust with Troy when he modeled nude for Kyle's art class. The funny thing is Kyle pretends to be an Ex Gay to get to spend time with Troy. While doing so he gains self confidence and esteem. To be honest the acting in this movie is clearly not the best, but you soon forget about the over acting once the movie gets started. Even right from the opening scene which basically sets the mood with a homo erotic scenario where two guys were getting ready to go at it, of course with a gay guy seducing a straight guy. This movie is full of hilarious one liners like when Tiffani says that she wishes a guy would say "I love you" instead of "Take it you tight little ..", that and many more.I will however say that the most interesting twist is the whole ex gay ministry segment with their homo no more movement lead by Allen who obviously gets off on the other ex gays telling of their sexual slip ups with men. This movie was Brilliant and funny, yes cliché as in it portrayed the stereotypical gay characters that we usually think of for gay drama. However I honestly know many people like this. They are often shallow and manipulative on their journey to get sex, sex and more sex. So to be honest this movie was not only full of super hot, some of which get fully naked (yes inclusive with cock shots), but it was also believable, enjoyable and ridiculously funny to the point that I was screaming. PS. Some may say that this movie gives gays a bad name. Well if the shoe fits wear it, why do you think bath houses, and the adult book stores with glory holes are so popular? Most men have a one track mind and its sad but true, but it doesn't mean its not funny to watch

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