Get Real
Get Real
| 16 August 1998 (USA)
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Steven spends his school days longing for all-star athlete John. But John has a gorgeous girlfriend, and Steven is still in the closet about being gay. The only one who knows the teenager's secret is his friend Linda. After a curious run-in with John in a public restroom, Steven starts to wonder if the jock is straight after all. When they start a romance, it threatens to expose the truth about both of them.


Simply A Masterpiece

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Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.

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Nayan Gough

A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.

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Donald Seymour

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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Unlike the eccentric yet equally profound "Beautiful Thing", this British romantic drama about gay teens yells a real story about real kids who are for the most part truly believable and almost all likable. The story focuses on one shy kid, the victim of bullies, who gets a crush on the totally likable school jock and makes a surprising discovery. Natural young actors give their all, yet these aren't cardboard cut-outs but flesh and blood young people with secrets and insecurities. Even the parents are filled with multiple dimensions, and while there are some homophobic bullies, they are presented fairly as well.The acting is sublime with the two young leads attractive but not cardboard cookie cut-outs. Their desires are real, and while there is a sequence that presents an obvious carnal knowledge scenario, the way it is presented isn't done for shock, only insinuating a liaison between someone underage and an obviously older man with an obvious secret life. The ending gets truly gripping as the secrets of the supposedly straight jock are threatened with revelation. But even though there are a violent turn of events that aren't in keeping with what had come before, but they make absolute sense. The ending may have you sobbing. If just one out of ten homophobes can see this film and change their tune, then this film has done more than its duty.

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It would be so easy to write a tepid or even downright bad review of "Get Real", but, for all its faults - poor acting overall and a script full of clichés including a speech that seems to spring from a desire to give the film an upbeat ending rather than one the character would probably have made, I am not going to. For this is rather a sweet little film with such a likable central character, Stephen, a most appealing youth caught up in the problems of "coming out" in a mainly homophobic society, that you somehow just go along with the journeys he makes toward understanding himself and the understanding of others. Indeed the fact that he finds the former journey the easier is in many ways a measure of the film's basic honesty. So sit back and enjoy a 90's message film ( I imagine attitudes are a shade more enlightened now), strangely couched in the comfy British style of "Gregory's Girl" and occasionally just as funny. For this is a feel-good treat, all the more worthy for trying to say something vital about understanding our fellow human beings and doing it rather well.

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Some time back I was channel surfing and came across this film on satellite. I came in after the beginning and knew that I had missed the prologue. I waited to see it again but I could no longer find it. I now own a DVD of it.When I was the age of either male stars I did not have those problems. My parents had no control over my wanderings as I told them lies. They left me alone. I had many trysts and enjoyed them. I had many partners in the military but never picked up a trick from being in a communal shower. My partners had to be special. By that I mean he had to be intelligent but not necessarily physically attractive.I am a senior citizen and the object of my affection is only 27. He is well educated and extremely handsome. On a few occasions he eye kissed me. I pulled away due to our age difference. What can I do?

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I cannot say enough about the power of this movie. With my own struggle with my sexuality, as well as the hiding that so many like me are forced into, this movie brought me to tears. There are so many things I wish could be different, both in my life and in how the movie played out, but both are surprisingly pleasant even as they are. I cannot say that this is the greatest piece of cinema ever created, from dialog to production values, many parts of the movie are askew (not to mention the often indecipherable British mumbling!), but it has given me hope that as a gay teenager I will someday find the type of love I am looking for.

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