| 23 March 2007 (USA)
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A vacuum repairman moonlights as a street musician and hopes for his big break. One day a Czech immigrant, who earns a living selling flowers, approaches him with the news that she is also an aspiring singer-songwriter. The pair decide to collaborate, and the songs that they compose reflect the story of their blossoming love.


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There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.

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A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.

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Once is an amateurish little music/romance film, but touching nevertheless.I like Glen Hansard's type of sound, like that of the one and only "David Gray." It really carries the film, as many of the other aspects aren't explored and are underwritten. It's a very a clever way of marketing yourself in today's world. He has also had some acting experience in the 1991 film "The Commitments," which I also liked. I don't really understand Marketa's character's choice at the end, as she looks out the window. Overall it is a little light on substance, but I liked it.

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Minor spoiler: I thought the beginning was a bit difficult to understand because of the Irish accents, but as the movie went along, I was able to pick up what they were saying. There were sporadic times when I couldn't understand what they said, but I got the main point and gist of the plot. The girl (Marketa) is really from the Czech Republic, she's an immigrant in this movie and speaks both her native language and English, but there's a conversation between her and her mother that is in their native language. In this movie, they do not subtitle that conversation. However, I don't think it was all that relative to the main plot. So if you are from another country and you understand English, then you'll like this movie. I truly wasn't expecting the way it ended, but it was good. The main characters shared a very sweet, enduring friendship that ended up with a nice surprise for the girl (Marketa) and an accepting ex-girlfriend/love. Making friends like that would be so cool. I wish! This movie was just simple and the music was great as well.

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The One

Once takes you to the 'ONE' beautiful journey of two people who come from different background,with different past yet a common love for music. The movie will build up slowly,but in no time will push you back to your seat by some very refreshing acting from the lead cast. The movie is bound to leave you with moments that you can't forget and music that will forever cherish you. Definitely one to look for.The best low budget,not so known cast film I have seen till know.

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A man busks in a square in Dublin. By day he helps his father in a vacuum cleaner repair store and then spends his free time singing songs and playing guitar for tips. Most of the songs are his own compositions. Then he meets a young Czech woman who plays piano and writes her own songs. Musically, they are a perfect match. Romantically, there are impediments...I wanted to like this more than I eventually did. The plot was sweet and had heaps of potential. However, there is actually very little in the way of plot development or substance in the movie. It is short - 80 minutes or so - and then a large portion of the movie is taken up by music. Not only does this leave not much left for drama, the songs halt any momentum in the plot.In the end it felt like a short, padded with heaps of music.The music, almost entirely written by the two lead actors - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, is okay, generally. Some pretty good songs in there, some quite weak.Good performances by Hansard and Irglova. There is a naturalness and sincerity to them, like watching a home movie, and the chemistry between them is spot-on. The rough-around-the-edges feel to the production helps too.In the end, a bit disappointing as, with a bit more work and less padding, this could have been turned into a truly wonderful relationship drama. Hard to dislike though - it is sweet and the ending is quite emotional.

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