Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook
R | 08 September 2012 (USA)
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After spending eight months in a mental institution, a former teacher moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.


Such a frustrating disappointment

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One of my all time favorites.

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I saw this movie before reading any reviews, and I thought it was very funny. I was very surprised to see the overwhelmingly negative reviews this film received from critics.

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Watch something else. There are very few redeeming qualities to this film.

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It was this a comedy? Because I didn't laugh once (maybe once on a rude comment here and there). Was this a realistic movie about mental problems? Of course not. Was this an original mix of genres with great writing? No. It has cliché romance, cliché father/son problems. Cliché violent guy problems. All together with a cliché ending. The only "different" thing is the performances of mentally unstable people by the gorgeous leads... That's it.It is terrible and overrated

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Maybe this is a biased review and the film itself does not deserve 8 stars but what the heck, Bradley Cooper deserves all those stars for such a nuanced and wonderful performance! I always thought of him as this hot dude from that overrated Hangover movie or the cool guy who did a lot of fancy walking in American Hustle, but in this film he is simply amazing! He gives an incredibly believable and controlled performance as the guy suffering from bipolar disorder who is trying to get better. Added bonus-he can dance too! Wow! Jennifer Lawrence is kinda refreshing. I usually hate De Niro in anything other than in mafia movies but he wasn't bad either. The only bad casting choice was the therapist who was not at all convincing. Best part is they kept the story to the central characters and their motivations rather than making it about circumstances. The characters in this film never play the victim card and are constantly trying to improve their lives. The other good thing about the film is that it never got too sentimental or preachy. It stayed light and entertaining throughout.

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My first glance at The Silver Linings Playbook was during the 2013 Oscars when Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for best actress. The ceremony presented one of the most popular scenes from it, the scene that would compel me to watch it. She asks why Bradley Cooper ordered Raisin Brain, he says because he didn't want it to seem like a date. He says he hopes people don't associate his mental issues with her "crazy." She shows him crazy. Part of me can't help but love this scene. This moment is so raw. Or Real? Perhaps neither. But it is so exhilarating. And many years after having first watched it, I think I may, now, know why. It must her manic-pixie-dream-girl attitude. The politics of this movie already verge on the conservative but the introduction of a manic-pixie girl would perhaps seal the deal. Does she meet on the requirements of one? Perhaps not, but what are these requirements. I mean she seems manic, having sudden bursts of energy. And she does seems to share the spontaneous attitude Zooey Deschanel sports in 500 Days of Summer (an icon for the manic pixie dream girl trope). She also seems to enliven her lover the way one does. Her dancing seems to bring out new life in Bradley Cooper. It's no wonder my teenage self loved her. She brought out in Bradley Cooper that which a women would someday bring out in angsty-teen me. My second glance into this movie was when my dad was watching it. After he finished up I asked how it was and he said "Good." Isn't it about someone who's crazy or something?" and he said "Everyone is a little crazy in this." I liked that description. It was as if everyone was a little crazy in their own way. Does this movie romanticize mental disorders? Perhaps. Is that wrong? Probably. But as a person with a mental disorder I liked it. It made me feel like someday I would find someone cute and "crazy," and we could be "crazy" together. But my experience is a poor representation for all and I think it's a really a tricky sub genre to enter into, the romance between people with mental disorders. You will doubtless have to walk on thin ice to create a film that people won't find an issue. For how can one make a rom-com in this sub-genre without romanticizing the mental disorder. Isn't that what Romance does?In any case, whether I like the politics or not, a part of me will always hold part of this film close to me. The acting is good, the script funny, the romance dysfunctioning(until the last few moments of film where Bradley Cooper takes her in his lap and steals a kiss, I'll ignore those moments) and cute. Lovely film.

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I absolutely hated this film. I am amazed to hear it was meant to be a comedy. I only lasted 40 minutes or so. The company of mentally ill people behaving like sad lunatics is hardly agreeable, certainly not where they are behaving in a totally ridiculous manner all the time. I can only echo what reviewer Pinko 2004 wrote:'This film contains a horrific depiction of mental illness that objectifies human beings as caricatures. Cooper's character, who is supposedly the film's primary protagonist, is portrayed in such a disturbing way that an uninformed viewer could not be blamed for thinking that those who are bipolar - a very real illness with very real, good people who suffer from it - are all miserable, violent people who obsess over others to the point of stalking them.'Absolutely! Hated it, hated it, hated it!

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