The Last American Virgin
The Last American Virgin
R | 26 June 1982 (USA)
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The friendship of a group of young friends struggling with teen sex, drugs, and work is jeopardized by a romantic interest which may turn pals into bitter rivals.


I'll tell you why so serious

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Good , But It Is Overrated By Some

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Adeel Hail

Unshakable, witty and deeply felt, the film will be paying emotional dividends for a long, long time.

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A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.

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This film reminds me of the days in the 80s where you'd buy or rent a film based on the cover and short blurb on the back, only to discover that what you'd got was nothing like you were expecting. In my opinion, the film has something of an identity crisis and it's weird, because based on content I'd think it would appeal to the PG or 15 age range, but with an 18 certificate they seem to have missed their audience a bit. Think American Pie, Porky's etc., but crossed with a John Hughes coming of age style storyline. And I didn't realise it at the time, but it's a remake, although I can't comment on how this compares to the original.I would say it's fairly well acted and although they're a young bunch, they seem convincing enough. There are a few cringe worthy moments which perhaps might seem slightly odd... I won't go into details! It's probably fair to say though the 'goofy' moments in this film really undermine the more serious aspects of the story, as they creep out of the light-hearted comedy 'prank' territory and into the realm of the absurd. For example, there's an Inbetweeners style moment involving a car, but rather than fear any repercussions for their actions, they just dance about laughing, as if nothing happened. That'd be fine if this were Porky's, but it's supposed to be serious too, which means this moment works in contradiction to the more serious moments. I watched a film called Big Wednesday that same week, which features a similar situation with a car, but in that their reaction is more realistic (and that film certainly isn't what I'd call subtle). It also occurs to me that this film reminds me of 'Click', a film which had some genuinely interesting points to make and was quite poignant in places, but sadly allowed the goofy moments to detract from that.The soundtrack in this film is excellent, although the songs feel as though they've put in to gel together parts of the story which really shouldn't have gone with each other. For that reason, in some ways it feels more like a sketch show in places... again, it could've worked well, but it doesn't seem quite right.I so desperately wanted to like this film, so much so that I gave it a second viewing a couple of months after the first. Unfortunately though I can't really say that I liked it all that much, which is a shame, as it had some brilliant moments and I really think it had potential. Not a terrible film by any means, but certainly not the undiscovered masterpiece which some might claim. And I particularly liked the end, which I shalln't spoil, but I think it was a brave effort and only a shame the rest of the film hadn't been a little more in keeping with that. If I had the time and ability, I think I could edit this film into a 7 or 8/10, but as it stands, it really is a 6/10. I'd recommend St Elmo's Fire or Some Kind of Wonderful as better takes on a similar story, or perhaps give the original a try, as I understand it was very successful and probably a better film.

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I only recently got to see this movie after all these years and i have to say the original this is based on is much better. I suppose you either have to be American to like this more or maybe see this before you see the original.Lemon Popsicle beats this in every way, the characters are funnier, better, and more believable in Popsicle, the music is generally better in Popsicle and seems to make the movie more fun to watch.The storyline in Popsicle is totally ripped off by this movie, completely, with small changes here and there, basically if you have seen Lemon Popsicle you have seen Last American Virgin and its not worth watching again with dreary dull actors and acting.Give it a miss if you have seen Lemon Popsicle, you wont be missing anything, just a lot of dull acting, although the music tracks are half decent... the rest fails.

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Most of the movie is just like all the other high school dating B movies with nudity to keep guys glued to the screen. You have the typical nerd who likes the pretty girl who likes the handsome/cool guy who is a jerk. In this movie though the jerk, and the leading "hero" are actually friends which is something different. Towards the end of the movie though the movie becomes more serious. I have never seen a movie where the tone switched so dramatically. I gave the movie a six at first(20 minutes before the end), but after seeing the ending I moved it to a 7. I will admit the movie as a whole is not a 7. Not including the ending it is a 5 or 6, but the ending was so great to me that I pushed it to a 7.

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Trevor Barnhill

I remember first seeing the film 20 years ago in the Summer of 1991, a month before I entered High School for the first time. I knew this would be a film with lots of tits and ass, and the first half of the movie, it was just that. A typical teenage comedy with three best pals trying desperately to get laid (Which all but one of them succeeded, the film's main character, Gary) The scenes with two of the guys having sex with the latina woman, with Gary not getting his opportunity as her lover comes home sooner than expected, was funny. The scene where they all catch crabs from a prostitute is hilarious and classic. But that was just the first half of the film. However, the storyline in the second half of the film, changes, and goes from very funny to very dark.In the second part of the movie, Gary falls for pretty popular girl, Karen, who has eyes for Gary's best pal, Rick. Rick is a popular, charismatic jock who happens to have a way with the ladies, while Gary is just a typical, shy, gawky teen. Rick and Karen become a couple, and after having sex, Karen becomes pregnant with Rick's child. Rick dumps her, and Gary comes to her defense. This love triangle puts a huge strain between the best friends, eventually ending the friendship.While Rick starts dating another girl, and heads off on a ski trip with her and several friends, Gary pawns off most of his things, borrows money from his boss at the Pizza Parlor where he works, and comes up with the money needed for Karen to have an abortion. Gary and Karen spend the weekend at his grandmother's house while she is out of town, helping her to recuperate. While there, Gary finally professes his love to Karen, who seems to share the the attraction as the two share a passionate kiss together, and she invites him to her birthday party. Gary uses the cash he has left to buy Karen a locket as a birthday present. However, at the party, Gary receives a huge surprise as Karen and Rick reconcile, and he catches the two making out. Crushed, Gary abruptly leaves her party, and drives home in tears, as the credits play to a song by James Ingram.I have to admit, although the ending was sad, it was real. How many of us had that popular girl in high school we all coveted, only to have our hearts broken? I've been there. Towards the end, it looked like that, as many viewers expected and wanted, myself included, that Gary would finally win the affections of his dream girl. But the way the movie ended, the makers of the film were very effective at fooling the audience when Karen tragically breaks Gary's heart at the end.Of course, most, if not all, thought of Gary as the hero of the film, with Rick being the villain, and Karen as the damsel in distress whom the hero comes to her rescue. But in that scene where Gary catches Rick and Karen making out and are caught, Rick, although happy to get Karen back, has a look of regret on his face, as he knows his former best friend also loved her. A look of "Hey man, I know you love her, but I also love her." Rick is also just a typical high school jock that panicked when he made a mistake that he knew would change his life forever.Karen, however, had a smirk on her face, as she never intended to be with Gary, but was using him. She knew how Gary felt about her, and when he offered to help her, she was only too happy to take advantage of the situation. That moment, she, in my eyes, goes from being the damsel in distress to the real villain in the film.Although the film provided lots of T and A and a lot of laughs as advertised, the film also provided a look at what many people in high school goes through. And the ending, although sad, was very real. The Last American Virgin is a film that is a classic, and deserving of being called just that. Besides it being a typical Tits and Ass comedy, it is also a film that really makes you think. It is a film that is so real, containing situations that many in high school can relate to. It is a film I highly recommend seeing if you have not done so.

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