The Matrix Revolutions
The Matrix Revolutions
R | 03 November 2003 (USA)
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The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith.


You won't be disappointed!

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Too much of everything

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To me, this movie is perfection.

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It's hard to see any effort in the film. There's no comedy to speak of, no real drama and, worst of all.

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'The Matrix' is a genre and film milestone, while it is not one of my all-time favourite films it is still a great, impeccably made and awe-inspiring film and ground-breaking in its visuals and sound that broke boundaries in a way rarely if ever done before.In 2003, 'The Matrix' boasted two sequels, 'The Matrix Reloaded' and 'The Matrix Revolutions', generally considered critically and to audience not a patch in quality (though more mixed reviews than negatively received). To me, both are vastly inferior and have major problems. At the same time, neither are travesties, there are notable good points.Hard to say which is the better of the two sequels, they both have similar strengths but also similar flaws with a couple of things done better or worse in the other. Generally it is a shame that after such a great first instalment that 'The Matrix Revolutions' feels largely unsatisfying.Starting with 'The Matrix Revolutions' good things, the film while not as imaginative as the previous film or as ground-breaking as the original still looks great. The production design is still audacious, the special effects dazzling and uber-cool, very slick editing and cinematography that's both clever and imaginative. There is an epic eeriness to the music score.While not as astonishing as previously and there is a slight overload of them (with a couple overlong), the action scenes are still very impressive and the awe factor is still there. They benefit from looking great, breathless stunts, a great sense of paranoia, energy and tension. The final battle between Neo and Smith have garnered a mixed reaction, to me it was thrilling stuff and spectacular in mood even if ending on an anti-climactic note.Lead performances are fine. Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss are cool, Hugo Weaving is deliciously wicked and Laurence Fishburne is imposing and charismatic and doesn't take it too seriously this time even with less to do.On the other hand, 'The Matrix Revolutions' is particularly crippled by its pacing and dialogue. The pacing is even more problematic here than in 'Reloaded' with the first half especially being so inert the slower and talkier parts feel stillborn.Dialogue was not a strong suit in 'Reloaded' but it's amplified here, its endlessly and annoyingly cryptic conversations, over-wordiness, over-complicated long sentences and wallowing self-importance add to its increasingly cheesy and stilted feel.'The Matrix Revolutions' story often doesn't draw one in enough, with a very dull first half that makes one tempted to bail. Although the second half fares better, the sense of wonder is nowhere near as strong and it's masked by too many characters, situations and scenes that are overlong and extraneous so, along with an over-seriousness, it feels too bloated and heavy.While the leads are good enough, the rest of the acting suffers from sketchy characterisation and poor writing. The ending is abrupt and confused, leaving one with too many unanswered questions which a final film in a trilogy should not do.Overall, not a travesty but less than great. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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Like many have stated and has been widely considered, the Matrix film is a classic and has been spawn on and praised for generations. Then comes the Matrix Reloaded which was not quite at the level of the original, but that was expected seeing as how great and game- changing the original was. Though Reloaded is still entertaining and there is enough to like about this film, it continues the great relationships with Neo and Trinity and we still have the same great concept. Now within the third installment and conclusion of the series The Matrix Revolutions, this film has been criticized throughout and one can see why. The film as a whole is disappointing because it does not feel as a typical Matrix film compared to the previous two. Revolutions feels more of a bland video game based film or another completely different type bland action film. In the Matrix Revolutions, what is disappointing is knowing it's the finale of the series, and this is what the directors and writers came up with. There are some okay scenes but this film felt a little more mainstream and family friendly. Another reason why Revolutions is hated is because Neo isn't as focused in this film compared to the previous two. There is far too much time on the other minor characters and in the Zion levels. They simply aren't interesting and we do not care much about them. When we get to those scenes, this film drastically shifts and feels like a video game or action monster type film- and that is not what the Matrix is about. The previous two (specifically the original) were clever, suspenseful and made the viewers on their toes. In Revolutions, the suspense and build up is gone.The final showdown scene with Neo and Agent Smith was decent for what it was, as it was well directed and the special effects are brought in nicely. Though it feels almost bland in a way that this was the pay- off for the entire film. We all knew Neo was going to win, as the fight was well but rather predictable. Overall, the Matrix Revolutions is a disappointment and a sad mess.

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The final film in the MATRIX trilogy and fans can breathe a sigh of release; (mostly) gone is the endless technobabble and philosophising of the middle film in the series, instead replaced by full scale action and resolution to the problems seen in the previous two films. This movie feels fresh and exciting because it offers us things previously unseen in the films. For the most part, this takes place in the "real" world, with only infrequent exertions into the computer-controlled fantasy world itself. It feels a lot stronger, gritter and harder than before because there is strong violence here, shocking bloodshed, and people really do die this time around. In many ways this makes it feel like more of an adult movie. Admittedly, things do start off a little strained. Although there is some good suspense and questioning in an isolated subway station, the action doesn't pick up until we get to a major gun battle in an S&M club.This battle is actually a little disappointing, although it is good to see the character Seraph return to the screen. Then we're re-introduced to the slimy French villain from THE MATRIX RELOADED, and his stunningly buxom wife played by Monica Bellucci (no complaints here). Yet the suspense fizzles instead of crackles, and the most entertainment here is to be had from the performance of the Train Man (played by Bruce Spence, the crazy chopper pilot from MAD MAX 2). It's certainly underwhelming, and lots more pointless inactivity doesn't bode well for the rest of the film. Then things suddenly start happening – it begins with the stabbing of a nurse and ends with Neo fulfilling his destiny. There are shocks, genuine surprises, and a fantastically-depicted war between humans and machines. It involves people walking around in ALIENS-style power robots and shooting machine guns at thousands of those pesky silver fish-like flying robots and it certainly does not disappoint in terms of ferocity, impact, and absolutely stunning special effects work.Things culminate in a scary, powerful finale involving Neo returning to the (now polluted) Matrix world to take on Agent Smith one last time. A fantastic and fitting conclusion to the lengthy battles in the earlier films, this strives to top them all. I loved the battle but bear in mind the kung fu is minimal compared to before. Performances are all assuredly good, with characters having by now settled into their parts, with top recommendations going to Hugo Weaving whose character of Agent Smith has major screen presence and makes for a threatening, frightening villain unlike last time. Basically I loved this movie and would be happy to re-watch it when the chance arrives. All three films are different, and very good indeed, so go check them out if you haven't done so already.

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it's a destiny of a chosen's to get blind for a future world and them lovely lady's to get dead.but the future world is fine machines and humans now are almost friends and there is many matrix forms and not a last so everything is okay.and there is no agent smith anymore but there is some agents so.matrix must get killed off smashed off and flamed off.Morpheus is happy.Neo is blind.Trinity is i love happy endings. the chosen saved us and nobody cares about chosen's life. it is a wonderful movie. just great.

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