The Perfect Man
The Perfect Man
PG | 17 June 2005 (USA)
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Holly is tired of moving every time her mom Jean breaks up with yet another second-rate guy. To distract her mother from her latest bad choice, Holly conceives the perfect plan for the perfect man, an imaginary secret admirer who will romance Jean and boost her self-esteem.


You won't be disappointed!

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For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!

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Absolutely Fantastic

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It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,

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I can't think of a more by-the-numbers cliché fest. In the early 2000s, Hillary Duff had a modicum of fame, as another Disney channel generated star, in the vein of Lindsay Lohan. To her immense credit, she didn't end up a similar train wreck. Still, her limited appeal as the "charming, good girl next door" is on full display in this calculated safe movie that takes no risks.Holly Hamilton (Duff) is tired of her single mother (Heather Locklear)'s routine of dating, getting too involved, getting dumped and uprooting her and her sister constantly. So, through a variety of passing gifts and letters along, she creates a fictional secret admirer who fits her mother's standards of romantic perfection. What follows is the classic "liar revealed" story, as Holly gets in too deep and has to constantly tell lie after lie. As I said, all the clichés are here: the over-looked guy who is trying to win Holly's affections, the quirky best friend (played by Caroline Rhea, who had some success for a short time in this time of role following her tenure on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"), the flamboyant gay guy who is thrown in there for comic relief, the clueless klutz of a guy who provides a "competitor" for Holly's fictional boyfriend. Along with the characters, there's also the "girls just wanna have fun" far too choreographed dance sequence, the "liar revealed" scene where it looks like everything's ruined, the pop song sequence ("Collide" by Howie Day. In fairness, as far as corny early '00s pop goes, it's one of the better ones).There's absolutely nothing "bad" about this movie. If you're looking for a safe teen romance, it's not bad. It just takes no risks and goes nowhere you don't see coming a million miles away.

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The Perfect Man is what Hilary Duff seeks for her mother Heather Locklear. Locklear, Duff and younger sister Aria Wallace keep moving from place to place every time Locklear has a relationship that doesn't work out. The latest move has landed them in the borough of homes and churches and formerly a city of its own, Brooklyn. With a couple of million people as a population surely there has to be one for her mother and maybe one for herself. Duff finds one in Ben Feldman who is an old fashioned romantic soul for a 2005 high school kid from Brooklyn. As for mother, Duff also thinks she's found the perfect match in restaurant owner Chris Noth.So she starts conniving on how to make them meet and fall in love. But some misdirected e-mail has Locklear paired off with co-worker at the confectionery shop Mike O'Malley.Of course it all works out in the end as these movies always do, not without a few laughs and tears in those romantic film for both teens and adults. If you like romance, don't settle for anything less than A Perfect Man.

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Holly Hamilton (Hilary Duff) keeps having to move every time her mother (Heather Locklear) breaks up with her jerk boyfriends. Now they're in Brooklyn. Holly decides to give her mother a secret admirer to cheer her up and maybe keep her in town. When buffoon Lenny (Mike O'Malley) starts dating her mother, she catfish her mother to break them up. Only it gets more and more complicated with her new friend's uncle Ben (Chris Noth).This is meant to be cute, but Holly is just too annoyingly selfish. This scheme is not the least bit adorable. It doesn't justify anything she does. She literally is about to break up a wedding for no good reason. It is possibly the least romantic movie around. Hilary Duff is so cutesy bratty. Even if the movie could play this seriously, it had no shot of being good.

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The Perfect Man deserves much more respect than it getsPlot: Holly (Hilary Duff) is tiered of her mother (Heather Locklear) keeping them on the go and always moving whenever she gets dumped. This time they move to New York along with Holley's little sister Zoe (Aria Wallace). Her mom has found a job at the bakery and has started to fall in love with a fellow co-worker, Lenny (Mike O'Malley). While her mother is blind to his flaws Holly is horrified to learn her mom is dating him as he is the entirely wrong person for her mom. She enlists help from her new school pal Amy (Vanessa Lengies) to create an imaginary admirer for her mother based on Amy's uncle (Chris Noth) and they contact through email and letters and slowly her mom begins to fall for him all though they have never met, but Lenny is determined to keep her. When Holly finally realizes that Amy's uncle is the perfect man for her mom she realizes they can never meet because of her scam. She has to find a way to make them meet and cover up for her plan.The Good News: Hilary Duff is the brightest thing in here, keeping the film alive with her preppy and energetic energy. I also have to admit that there are some scenes in here that will stick in your head after the show is over. For example when there is danger that Holly's mom and Amy's uncle may meet, Holly sets off the sprinkler alarm in the restaurant that they are both in and it is truly a memorable scene. The whole wedding interruption was hilarious and is another great scene. Hilary Duff's reaction is priceless. The delivering of the flowers is another. There is also a moral to parents about their kids that when they keep doing something their kids are going to follow in their footsteps. Because Holly's mother can't keep a guy and she gets dumped so often Holly refuses to fall in love, believing that she will get her heart broken too. The supporting actors do fine in their roles, the best supporting actor is Vanessa Lengies who shines during her screen time. Going back to Hilary Duff she got nominated for a Golden Rasberry Award for worst actress, thankfully she lost and why she was nominated is beyond me. I wouldn't nominate her for an Oscar, but she doesn't deserve a Rasberry. It also has a tenderness and a family message along with plenty of laughs.The Bad News: There are some HUGE plot holes and errors. The plot is pretty idiotic and you have to suspend your disbelief a lot. Heather Locklear's acting should be nominated for a Rasberry and the whole boyfriend and girlfriend part between Holly and her friend is a waste of time. It also doesn't invite to many repeated viewings.Conclusion: Some plot holes and errors should not stop you from seeing this. In the end The Perfect Man sets out what it's supposed to do.Rated: PG for some mildly suggestive content

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