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After We Collided Movie

Stars: Josephine Langford,   Hero Fiennes Tiffin,   Shane Paul McGhie

Release Date: 2020-09-02

Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever.

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After We Leave Movie

Stars: Anita Leeman Torres

Release Date: 2019-05-20

A sci-fi drama about a man struggling to find his wife, who he abandoned six years ago, before their visa to emmigrate to an off-world colony expires.

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After Movie

Stars: Josephine Langford,   Hero Fiennes Tiffin,   Khadijha Red Thunder

Release Date: 2019-04-11

Tessa Young is a dedicated student, dutiful daughter and loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart. Entering her first semester of college, Tessa's guarded world opens up when she meets Hardin Scott, a mysterious and brooding rebel who makes her question all she thought she knew about herself -- and what she wants out of life.

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After... Movie

Stars: Daniel Caltagirone,   Nicholas Aaron

Release Date: 2006-06-27

Urban Exploration. The practice of investigating areas not designed for public use. But strange things can happen in the dark, closed-off areas of history beneath the streets of Moscow, and what started as a way for Nate to escape his grief quickly turns into a journey that forces him to confront it head-on, with nothing less than his eternal destiny hanging in the balance.

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After Movie

Stars: Kathleen Quinlan,   John Doman,   Pablo Schreiber

Release Date: 2014-08-08

A haunting and powerful psychological thriller. Set in icy upstate New York in the winter of 2002, "After" is about the Valentinos, a middle class clan facing financial hardship--their family stone cutting business is slowly failing--and coping with the usual rivalries and resentments that affect all but their absent daughter, Samantha, who has recently escaped Rochester for a new life in lower Manhattan. At their center is matriarch Nora (Quinlan), whose cheerful exterior masks an emotional fragility of which the entire family is painfully aware and fiercely protective. But, their delicate balance is threatened by a carefully concealed secret that, once revealed, will change their lives forever.

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After Movie

Stars: Steven Strait,   Karolina Wydra,   Ric Reitz

Release Date: 2012-08-27

When two bus crash survivors awake to discover that they are the only people left in their small town, they must form an unlikely alliance in a race to unravel the truth behind their isolation. As strange events begin to unfold, they start to question whether the town they know so well is really what it seems.

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After Movie

Stars: Tristán Ulloa,   Guillermo Toledo,   Jesús Carroza

Release Date: 2009-10-23

Manuel (Tristán Ulloa), Ana (Blanca Romero) and Julio (Guillermo Toledo) get together in a warm summer night after not having seen each other for a while and set off to explore the night. Manuel has a 4 yr-old boy, a wife and a beautiful home, Julio is a top executive at an International company and Ana has a boyfriend who she loves and also leads a very comfortable life. Although the three friends have everything apparently necessary to be happy, they feel dissatisfied and extremely lonely. They are incapable of assuming their adult lives and enjoying life as every time they reach a new stage, they eagerly observe that they are still desperately waiting for the next one. They escape towards adolescence as the only way to get rid of their ghosts. After is the last stop, the last open bar. The end of the journey.

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We Movie

Stars: Axel Daeseleire,   Maxime Jacobs

Release Date: 2018-07-12

During a scorching summer in a Belgian-Dutch border village, eight teenagers play games of discovery to break the listless monotony. They challenge each other and themselves and pretty soon, their sexual curiosity starts to blur the lines between right and wrong. As innocence is crushed in depraved games and sexual exploitation, the teenagers soon turn into ruthless predators.

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Night After Night After Night Movie

Stars: Jack May,   Justine Lord,   Donald Sumpter

Release Date: 1969-01-01

There's a killer on the loose in London, and whilst our typically craggy copper DI Rowan investigates, Judge Lomax is busy in court, dishing out harsh sentences to everyone who comes before him.

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We Are What We Are Movie

Stars: Bill Sage,   Ambyr Childers,   Julia Garner

Release Date: 2013-09-27

The Parkers, reclusive people who cling to ancient customs, find their secret lives threatened when a torrential downpour and the death of the family matriarch forces daughters Iris and Rose to assume special responsibilities.

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Maratón After Movie


Release Date: 2020-09-03

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Ever After Movie

Stars: Gro Swantje Kohlhof,   Maja Lehrer,   Trine Dyrholm

Release Date: 2019-08-22

An apocalyptic female buddy movie. Two years ago zombies took over the earth. Weimar and Jena are the last places of human civilisation. Vivi and Eva have to fight the undead together, as well as the demons of their past.

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After Life TV

Stars: Ricky Gervais,   Tom Basden,   Kerry Godliman

Release Date: 2019-03-08

Tony had a perfect life. But after his wife Lisa suddenly dies, Tony changes. After contemplating taking his own life, he decides instead to live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes from now on.

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After Parkland Movie

Stars: David Hogg

Release Date: 2019-04-26

In the aftermath of the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead, filmmakers Emily Taguchi and Jake Lefferman traveled to Parkland and began filming with students who endured gunfire and the parents who lost their children in the crosshairs. "After Parkland" is an intimate chronicle of families as they navigate their way through the unthinkable; reckoning with unexpected loss, journeying through grief, and searching for new meaning.

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After Auschwitz Movie


Release Date: 2017-03-25

For six female Holocaust survivors, liberation from the camps marked the beginning of a lifelong struggle.

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